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86 1-800-626-3545 TONINI INTERCHANGEABLE SUPERFRONTAL These stylish interchangeable superfrontals are lined, interlined and easy to attach with velcro (positive part hooklets attached to the altar cloth, negative part felt attached to the superfrontal), making it possible to leave the main cloth on the altar. With these superfrontals use a heavy altar cloth (e.g. in Omega-fabric) or an altar cloth with lining and interlining (double price) to prevent it from slipping off. They can also be ordered separately for existing altar cloths, in which case we will supply the velcro positive strips free of charge (please indicate if required when ordering). Please note prices are for superfrontals only; for altar length (A) up to 71", standard height (D) 10" (same price up to 12"); altar cloths at extra charge. Manufactured in Regina, a multi-coloured brocade. In white/red, white/green, white/purple or white/blue. 69-2752 Interchangeable superfrontal $ 395.00 ea. Following superfrontals are only available in Omega fabric, a yarn dyed with structured texture. With an exquisite combination of colourful applique with embroidery in gold and wool threads. 69-3798 Interchangeable superfrontal $ 580.00 ea. 69-3795, 69-3796, 69-3792, 69-3248, 69-3794, 69-3791, 69-3331, 69-3790, 69-3797, 69-3793, 69-2471, 69-990 and 69-3329 Interchangeable superfrontal $ 445.00 ea. Over length (A) 71", supplement per inch $ 2.50 in. Over height (D) 12", supplement per inch $ 4.95 in. 63-51 Plain altar cloth in Omega fabric up to 51" wide $ 62.95 yd. Plain altar cloth in Omega fabric over 51" wide $ 94.95 yd. Special texts, such as "O Come Emmanuel", can be embroidered on the superfrontals. Please call for more information, 1-800-626-3545. HALF LAUDIAN FRONTAL Partially covers altar on all sides and the mensa completely. Is interlined and has rounded corners. Front, side and back drops are always of equal length. When ordering, please indicate measurements A, C and D/E. A = length of mensa C = depth of mensa B, D and E = front, side and back drops. 166-3953 In Lucia, a fabric of 100% viscose For altar length (A) up to 71" and (C) up to 35", side drops (B - D - E) up to 10" $ 625.00 ea. (A) over 71", (D + C + E) over 63", add per inch. $ 4.95 in. 69-3798 69-3795 69-3796 69-3792 69-3248 69-2752 69-3794 69-3791 69-3331 69-3790 69-3797 69-3793 69-2471 69-3329 69-990 166-3953

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