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Page 62 of 579 61 5318-XX 5322-XX 5273-XX 5276-XX 5277-XX 5278-XX 5274-XX RED DARK GREEN PURPLE BLUE WHITE GREEN RED PURPLE WHITE GREEN PIUS DUPION 5275-XX 5271-XX 5272-XX CHOOSE YOUR OWN EMBROIDERY Have you ever found yourself searching for that "just right" chasuble for a special ceremony? Is your favorite priest moving parishes and you need a thoughtful gift? Or maybe you just want to freshen up the rotation to add energy to your service? This customizable series is for you! Manufactured in PiusTYTUe\VbY $##`Ta`TWXÐUXefbeDupion, a fabric of 70% man made ÐUXefTaW&#i\fVbfXg[XfXV[TfhU_XfTeX`TV[\aXX`Ueb\WXeXWj\g[g[XWXf\ZabY lbheV[bbf\aZ! 8TV[V[TfhU_X`XTfheXf)&Åj\WXUl(&Å_baZTaWVb`Xfj\g[Ta\af\WXfgb_X! All styles in Pius! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! $310.00 each All styles in Dupion! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! $325.00 each Further customizarion is available, just contact us for pricing and ideas! $ +## )%) &('(\aYb3gba\a\!aXg

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