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Page 578 of 579 MIDWEST CHURCH GOODS GUILD MEMBER Advent Christmas Nativities/Ornaments Auto Gifts/Deacon Items Lapel Pins/Denominational Wedding/Graduation Censers/Boats/Ewers Sprinklers Fonts/ Cruets Candles Host/Wine Sacristy Items Tabernacle Pyx/Ostensoria Chalices/Patens Altar Cloths/Apparel/Clergy Shirts/Banners/Palls/ Albs Chasubles Plaques/ Signs Folding Tables Flags/Pew Racks Statues/Symbols Custom Crosses Offering/Collection Votive Stands/Sanctuary Sets Candlesticks Bible Stands, Furniture Altars/Baptismal Fonts Lecterns/Chairs Confirmation First Communion Home/Garden Gifts Pictures/Plaques Crucifixes Baby/Baptism Holy Water Fonts Rosaries/Cases Medals/Hispanic Items Pendants/Chains/RCIA Bibles/Music/Certificates Liturgical & Inspirational Books Bulletins/Calendars Posters/Greeting Cards Mass Cards/Holy Cards Tonini Quick Reference: You are looking at the most complete catalog in the church goods industry; however, it does not illustrate every item available from our stock rooms. If you cannot find an item you need, please inquire. We probably have it in stock. When time is precious - when you need help in ordering - when you need personal attention and prompt service - just contact us. Toll Free: 1-800-626-3545 Local: (502) 897-7100 FAX: (502) 897-7190 E-MAIL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE ALTAR WINE & HOSTS Pages 19 & 20 PALM Inside Front Cover ALTAR CANDLES Pages 2-16 ANNUALS Page 1 Pages 2-23 Pages 296-373 Pages 374-391 Pages 446-473 Pages 130-195 Pages 248-295 Pages 394-412 Pages 474-479 Pages 24-125 Pages 196-241 Pages 413-425 Pages 479-519 Pages 242-247 Pages 426-447 Pages 522-555 Pages 556-565 NATION WIDE & KENTUCKY TOLL FREE 1-800-626-3545 ALL LOCAL PHONES (502) 897-7100 Fax: 502-897-7190 E-Mail Address: Remember Tonini's S.O.S. (Standing Order Service) See page 576 for details FOR 136 YEARS

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