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3-2991 3-2991 Dupion Moses 1-71 1-71 1-71 1-71 Dalmatic 7-71 1-71 1-71 1-71 3-2991 3-2991 RED WHITE INDIGO VIOLET PURPLE ROSE DARK GREEN VESTMENTS 70-71 COPE GREEN VESTMENTS Washable Moses fabric, with knotted texture threads and randomly woven lines and bands in different shades. Available in red, white, indigo-violet, purple, green, dark green and rose. If the shade of green is not specified when ordering, dark green will be provided. CHASUBLE Available in lengths of 49" or 53". Please specify. Width 59"; unlined, with inside stole. 1-71-"0"-XX Chasuble, with plain neckline "0" * $ 285.00 ea. 1-71-"6"-XX With low stand-up collar "6" $ 358.00 ea. 7-71-"4"-XX Dalmatic with roll collar "4" $ 400.00 ea. OVERLAY STOLE Style 25: with flat capuche; interlined and selflined. 50-71 Overlay stole* $ 121.00 ea. 51-71-WH/PU Reversible white-purple* $ 146.00 ea. 51-71-RD/GN Reversible red-green* $ 146.00 ea. BENEDICTION SET 70-71 Cope; unlined; standard length 57", or indicate length $ 675.00 ea. 71-71 Humeral veil; lined; 21"x108" * $ 415.00 ea. 32-71 Benediction burse; 9" x 9"* $ 62.50 ea. CHASUBLE WITH OVERLAY STOLE Chasuble, manufactured in Dupion, knotted yarn dyed fabric; without embroidery. Width 59", unlined, with plain neckline "O"; without inside stole. Available in lengths of 49" or 53", please specify. Overlay stole, style 86; with elegant chain at back to support pointed flat capuche; spreading out towards ends. In Moses fabric, with knotted texture threads and randomly woven lines and bands in different shades. In white, red, dark green and purple. 3-2991 Chasuble with overlay stole $ 360.00 ea. 1-25-XX Chasuble only $ 185.00 ea. 50-2991 Overlay stole only $ 174.00 ea. * Not illustrated 51

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