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397 No. 01-6043 Prayer Before A Crucifix No. 01-4594 Mysteries of the Rosary No. 01-6171 My Daily Prayer No. 01-6214 Madonna of the Streets No. 01-6006 Prayer to O.L. of Guadalupe No. 01-6079 St. Nicholas Prayer for Children No. 01-6093 Prayer to O.L. Guadalupe No. 01-4593 Memorare of St. Bernard No. 01-4599 Prayer to St. Jude No. 01-6002 St. Theresa Pick Me a Rose No. 01-6004 Our Lady of Perpetual Help No. 01-6175 Marriage Blessing No. 01-6109 Prayer to the Sacred Heart No. 01-6007 Hail, Glorious St. Patrick No. 01-6048 St. Jude Don't Quit No. 01-6111 Kateri Tekakwitha Canon Prayer No. 01-6104 Prayer for the Sick No. 01-6051 Prayer to of St. Lucy No. 01-6105 Prayer to O.L. Fatima No. 01-6163 Sacred Heart of Jesus No. 01-6036 The Lord's Prayer No. 01-6199 Prayer for Servicemen No. 01-6204 Prayer to Recover Lost Things No. 01-6220 Little White Guest Prayer No. 01-6102 St. Patrick's Breastplate No. 01-6049 St. Pio No. 01-6076 An Irish Blessing No. 01-6177 Prayer for Light No. 01-6216 O.L. of Guadalupe Prayer to Mothers No. 01-6088 St. Michael Policeman's Prayer No. 01-6095 Thomas Aquinas Student's Prayer No. 01-6228 Sleeping St. Joseph No. 01-6187 Take Time No. 01-6197 Prayer for Those Who Mourn No. 01-6215 Prayer to St. Joseph No. 01-6190 Miraculous Medal No. 01-6052 St. Raphael the Archangel No. 01-6170 Marriage Prayer No. 01-6186 Serenity Prayer No. 01-6001 Magnificat No. 01-6188 Rules for a Happy Marriage No. 01-6097 St. Teresa's Bookmark No. 01-6059 St. Peregrine (Cancer) No. 01-6213 Novena to St. Joseph No. 01-6065 Prayer to St. Joesph for Employment No. 01-6009 St. Michael No. 01-6099 St. Theresa No. 01-6087 Serenity Prayer No. 01-6063 Nurse's Prayer No. 01-6209 St. Peregrine Companion of Angels No. 01-6073 Lord Help Me to Remember No. 01-6078 St. Rita No. 01-6212 Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep No. 01-6205 Soldier's Prayer HOLY CARDS CRYSTAL CLEAR HARD LAMINATION WITH PRAYERS IN FULL COLOR, 2 1 /2" x 4 1 /2" 60ยข O $56.00 PER HUNDRED

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