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7-2749-WH 2749-B 2749-CV 2749-0-GN Rear View 299-2749-WH 2749-0-WH 50-3371-PU 50-3371-GN 2749-0-RD 2749-0-PU 3377-0-BL 37 Coordinated set of vestments and paraments in Dupion fabric woven with knotted texture. Adorned with orphreys in Regina, a multicoloured brocade. Dupion fabric available in white, beige, red, dark red, dark green, rose or purple. Regina brocade available in white/red, white/green, white/purple or white/blue, with matching braid trim. CHASUBLE & DALMATIC Width 59", length 49" or 53"; unlined, with inside stole; with plain neckline "0". 2749-0-XX Chasuble $ 595.00 ea. 3377-0-XX Chasuble, white, with orphrey in white/blue $ 595.00 ea. 299-2749-XX Chasuble, Roman Fiddleback, with orphrey in white/red $ 975.00 ea. 7-2749-XX Dalmatic, with plain neckline "0" $ 725.00 ea. OVERLAY & DEACON STOLE Completely in Regina fabric; lined and interlined. 50-3371-XX Overlay stole, style 65: with flat rounded neck $ 270.00 ea. 34-3371-XX Deacon stole, style 34, worn from left shoulder to right hip $ 270.00 ea. LECTERN COVER Lined and interlined; finished with an open hem at the top and the bottom; microphone opening to order at additional charge. A= width up to 24" (at indicated price, without supplement); D= front drop; C= depth; E= back drop; D + C + E= overall length. Standard sizes D + C + E= 71"; A = 18"; D= 43". 62-2752-XX Completely in Regina brocade $ 475.00 ea. 62-2749-XX With Regina banding only $ 495.00 ea. FULL LAUDIAN FRONTAL Covers the altar on all sides, corners are rounded; interlined. When ordering, indicate measurements for finished laudian frontal: A= length of mensa; C= depth; D and E= equal front and back drops, usually 2" less than actual altar height. Finished with a decorative rayon fringe. For altar width up to 71", total depth D + C + E= up to 108". 66-2752-XX Completely in Regina brocade $ 2,995.00 ea. If longer than 71", add per inch $ 7.15 per in. If measurement D + C + E is more than twice the width of the fabric price upon request 2749-CV Chalice Veil $ 143.00 ea. 2749-B Burse $ 143.00 ea. VESTMENTS 299-2749-WH FIDDLEBACK CHASUBLE 66-2752-RD 62-2752-RD 62-2749-WH

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