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St. Afra O St. Agnes OV St. Andrew O St. Atreat O St. Alexander, Pope O St. Ambrose O Angels VO St. Anne w/BVM OV+* St. Anthony, Hermit O St. Anthony w/Child V+O* St. Apolonia OV Assumption O St. Augustine O St. Barbara O St. Bernadette (kneeling) VO St. Bernard O St. Blaise O St. Boniface O Boy Jesus +* St. Brigid O St. Cecilia OV St. Catherine OV St. Charles O St. Christine O St. Christian O St. Christopher VO+* St. Claire O St. Conrad O St. Cosmas O Crucifix+ * Crucifixion Scene O St. Damian O St. Daniel O King David O St. Diana O Divine Mercy OV+* St. Dominic O St. Don Bosco O St. Dorothy O Ecce Homo + St. Edwige O St. Elizabeth Seton VO St. Elizabeth of Hungary OV+* St. Eugene O St. Florian OV+* St. Francis of Assisi VO+* St. Francis Xavier O St. Gabriel O St. George on Horse V St. Gerald O St. Gerard O St. Gertrude the Great O Good Shepherd OV St. Gregory, Pope O Guardian Angel OV Head of Christ (relief) O St. Helen O St. Henry O St. Hildegard O Holy Family O+* St. Hubert OV Immaculate Conception VO Infant of Prague VO St. Ingeborg O St. Isidore OV St. James O St. Joachim O St. John Baptizing Jesus O St. John the Baptist OV St. John Bosco V St. John the Evangelist O St. John Neumann VO St. John Vianney V St. Joseph the Worker VO+* St. Joseph w/Child VO+* St. Joshua O St. Jude Thaddeus VO St. Julian O St. Lawrence O St. Leo O St. Leonard OV St. Leopold O St. Louis O St. Lucy OV St. Ludwig O St. Luke O Light of the World VO+ Madonna and Child VO+ Madonna of the Street VO St. Margaret O St. Mark O St. Martha O St. Martin O St. Mary Magdalen VO Mater Dolorosa + St. Matthew, Evangelist O St. Maximillian O St. Michael VO+* St. Monica O St. Nepomuk O St. Nicholas O St. Norbert O St. Notburga OV O.L. of Fatima VO+* O.L. of Grace VO+* O.L. of Guadalupe VO* O.L. of Hope+* O.L. of Krumauer+* O.L. of Mariazell O O.L. of Loretto O O.L. of Love O O.L. of Lourdes VO+* O.L. of Mariazell+* O.L. of Medjugorje VO+* O.L. of Miraculous Medal VO O.L. of Peace+* O.L. of the Universe O St. Patrick VO St. Paul, Apostle V St. Peter, Apostle O St. Philip O Pieta O St. Pio VO+* St. Pius, Pope O Pope Benedict XVIO+* Pope John Paul II O+* Queen of Heaven O St. Quirinus O St. Raphael VO St. Renate O St. Richard OV Risen Christ (standing) VO St. Rita OV St. Roch O St. Rupert O Sacred Heart of Jesus VO+* Sacred Heart of Mary VO St. Scholastica O St. Sebastian OV St. Simon, ApostleO St. Stanislaus O St. Stephen O St. Sylvester O St. Teresa of Calcutta VO+* St. Theresa of the Little Flower VO+* St. Therese of Avila O St. Theodore OV St. Thomas O St. Ulrich O St. Urban O St. Ursula O St. Verena O St. Vincent DePaul O St. Walburga O St. Wendelin O St. Wolfgang O Abbess St. Afra St. Agnes St. Albert St. Ambrose St. Andrew Angel St. Anne w/BVM St Anthony w/Child St. Anthony, Hermit St. Appolonia St. Augustine St. Barbara St. Bernadette(kneeling) St. Bernard St. Berthelemy St. Biagius St. Boniface St Briget St. Catherine St. Cecilia St. Charles Borromeo St. Christine St. Christopher w/ Child St. Clara St. Conrad St. Cosmas St. Damian St. Daniel David, King St. Diana Divine Mercy St. Dominic St. Dorothy St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St Elizabeth w/Beggar St Elizabeth of Hungary St. Faustina St. Florian St. Francis of Assisi St. Francis Xavier St. Gabriel St. George St. George on Horse St. Gertrude The Good Shepherd St. Gregory, Pope St. Hedwig St. Helen St. Henry Hermit St. Hildegard St. Hubert Immaculate Conception St. Imgard St. Isidore St. Isaac St. James St. Joachim St. Joan of Arc St John the Baptist St. John, Evangelist St. John Nepomuk St. John Newman St. John Vianney St. Joseph the Worker St. Joseph w/Child St. Jude St. Juliana St. Justitia St. Kateri Tekakwitha St. Katherine Drexel Knight St. Korbianian St. Lawrence St. Leonard (11") St Leopold St. Ludwig St. Louis St. Lucy St. Luke, Evangelist Madonna & Child St. Maria Goretti St. Margaret St. Mark, Evangelist St. Martha St. Martin De Porres St. Martin of Tours St. Martyress St. Mary Magdalen St. Matthew, Evangelist No. 22-0129XX - 8" MODEL No. 22-0091XX - 6 1 õ2" MODEL No. 22-0099XX - 4" MODEL Delicate color tinted finish. Sizes available: (O) 8" - $110.00 - $350.00 (V) 6 1 Ì2" - 7" – $100.00 - $180.00 (+) 3"-5" – $49.00-$150.00 Normal delivery 2 - 3 weeks. THE 12" SERIES No. 22-0095XX Some models are available in 8" - 16" - 24". PLEASE INQUIRE The listings at left indicate the vast array of models available in the 12" series. These wood statues are carved in the Old World Baroque Style and would make an excellent choice as a gift of a patron saint to a benefactor. The detailing is exquisite. Prices start from $320.00 and vary according to size and design. Contact us for more information and specific pricing at or 1-800-626-3545. Sacred Heart St. Joseph Madonna & Child St. Francis St. Cecilia For a church or chapel size, any model listed at left (or for that matter, any model whatsoever) can be executed in baroque or contemporary style to your exact specification: 24" to life size, or larger. St. Matthew the Apostle St. Maximillian St. Michael St. Monica Moses Mother Cabrini St. Teresa of Calcutta St. Nicholas St. Norbert St. Notburga Our Lady and Child Our Lady of Fatima Our Lady of Guadalupe Our Lady, Help of Christians (10") Our Lady of Loretto Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of Medjugorjie Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal St. Pio of Pietrelcina St. Patrick St. Paul St. Peregrine St. Peter St. Philip St. Pius, Pope Priest St. Quirinius St. Raphael w/ Child St. Rene Risen Christ w/Flag St. Rita St. Roch St. Rupert Sacred Heart St. Sebastian St. Simon St. Stephen St. Therese of Avila St. Therese of Lisieux St. Thomas St. Ulrich St. Urban St. Ursula St. Valentine St. Verena St. Vincent de Paul St. Vitus St. Walburga St. Wendelin St. Wolfgang GENUINE WOOD CARVED PATRON SAINT STATUES IMPORTED FROM ITALY St. Elizabeth St. Joseph Our Lady of Love St. Leonard St. Christopher St. Joseph the Worker 3" in Display Case $49.00 * STATUARY 369

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