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328 1-800-626-3545 TONINI STATUARY 90-1301 Christ of the Deep "F" - "B" 60" - 74" 90-1302 Christ in the Garden "W" - "B" 72" 90-1303 Our Lady with Child 90-1406C St. Catherine of Siena "W" - "F" - "B" 36" - 42" - 60" 90-1304 St. Michael "W" - "F" - "B" 48" - 60" 90-1305 Good Shepherd "W" - "B" 90-1306 St. George "W" - "B" 90-1307 St. Charles Borromeo "W" - "B" © © © © © © © © All special models begin with a dream, lots of study, and a great deal of artistry and experience. One of the great features of Cast Bronze Metal Statuary is that detailed features are possible because the molten Bronze forms around every stroke of the artisan's hand in the clay sculpture. Furthermore, there is no limitation regarding size. Either full round or high/bas relief for wall mounting is available. For a special model to your exact specification, an artist's sketch is made. If necessary, a full size detail is drawn. Cast Bronze models in China and Egypt cast thousands of years ago still stand in good condition today. Bring strength and durability to your project with Cast Bronze, ensuring that your gift will last a lifetime. The next step is a small clay model to check depth perception and proportion. The final casting is hand polished to complete the journey from your mind to a fully realized statue. THE ONLY LIMITATION IS YOUR IMAGINATION! A CAST BRONZE MODEL WILL LAST FOREVER CUSTOM CAST BRONZE No. 90-7910 © © © © VDF models are protected by International Copyright. CAN'T FIND A STATUE OF YOUR CHURCH'S PATRON SAINT? WE CAN PRODUCE ANY MODEL OF ANY SAINT IN ANY SIZE. LEGEND: "W" Carved wood "B" Cast Bronze – "F" Cast Fiberglass

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