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296 Hand Carved Wood - Marble The following fifteen pages illustrate the finest collection of Ecclesiastical Artwork found in the nation. All works of art are of Genuine Hand Carved Lindenwood or Hand Sculptured Marble. Each model represents the finished artwork, executed to our customers' exact specifications. Note the exquisite detail, the life-like expressions, the body positions, the flow of the garments, which can be carved in the traditional style - semi - or full contemporary. Imagination is the only limitation. Any model, in any size - although a routine procedure for our firm - will receive special attention. Tonini's is known nation-wide as the #1 Supplier of Art Carvings for the United States. No. 90-1213 THE CHRIST CHILD Photographs by Tonini Studios The natural look of the hair seems almost impossible to carve in marble... yet you see it here. No. 90-7203 ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE WITH CHRIST All models protected by International Copyright. Use of this catalogue for any reason other than intended, without permission–or use by competition is strictly forbidden. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 966 BRECKENRIDGE LANE, LOUISVILLE, KY. 40207-4670 1$7,21:,'(3+21(,1.(178&.<&$//)$; STATUARY 0$.,1*2)$67$78( TONINI'S SUPPLIES CREATIONS IN ART Our artisans create from blocks of marble or wood and sculpt to your specification. All works of art must bear a price in proportion to the amount of skill, time and risk at attempting the creation of a piece. Excellence of workmanship is imperative and our artisans are experts at their trade. Their work is always recognized as the best due to the exquisite execution and fine details that go into every piece. Look over the following pages to get a suggestion for planning the beautiful model we can create for you. Call our art department to get an answer to any question you may have regarding our sculptures. No. 90-7209 From model to statue... Using chisels and saw, our artisan sculpts the model to our customer's exact specifications. Placement of the statue. Delivery of the carefully chosen block of marble from the quarry to our workshop in Italy. Details of the model begin to appear from the depths of the marble. VISITATION No. 90-1936 HOLY WATER )217 90-0201 $8,595.00 No. 88-3505 MARBLE BASE 60" x 24" x 24"

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