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Page 230 of 579 229 89-2207 PORTABLE LECTERN With vinyl top. 16"w x 13"d, 46"h $380.00 ea. 89-2208 PORTABLE LECTERN Wood top. 20"w x 19"d, 46"h. $400.00 ea. LECTERNS AND PULPITS M–2985 LECTERN Two inside shelves. 20"w x 15"d, 44"h $970.00 ea. With Lamp add $210.00 Shown in Light Oak M–2950 LECTERN 16"w x 16"d, 43"h $430.00 ea. Shown in Walnut M–3000 LECTERN 16"w x 15"d, 43"h $795.00 ea. M–3200 LECTERN 20"w x 19"d, 45"h $985.00 ea. ALL PRICES F.O.B. FACTORY Prices Subject To Change Without Notice FURNITURE LECTERN OR MUSIC STAND 324 LECTERN Strong, light weight, solid oak lectern 47" high with 16" x 12" top. $350.00 ea. 320 LECTERN One shelf. Wt. 60 Lbs. Top 16"w x 16"d, 45"h. $770.00 ea. M-2955 LECTERN/ BIBLE STAND 16"w x 16"d, 43"h Wt. 20 lbs. $390.00 ea. Shown in Amber 368 PULPIT Walk in style with adjustable book rest, 20"w x 16"d 39"w x 21"d, 45"h Wt. 140 lbs. $2,915.00 ea. 327 ADJUSTABLE AMBO One shelf, height adjusts from 42" to 48"h. Top 18"w x 15 1 /2"d Wt. 60 lbs. $1,170.00 ea. Shown in Medium Oak Shown in Medium Oak Shown in Walnut 165 PULPIT One shelf. Top 22"w x 18"d. 35"w x 18"d, 45"h. 140 lbs. $2,585.00 ea. With lamp add $240.00 M-511 LECTERN Two inside shelves. Top 20"w x 16"d. 25"w x 20"d, 45"h. $1,865.00 ea. M-511A Same as above, with adjustable top. Top adjusts from 44" to 49" $2,105.00 ea. For 6" x 16" Brass Cross, add $305.00 M-530 LECTERN Two inside shelves. 28"w x 21"d, 46"h. $3,295.00 ea. Shown in Dark Oak M–6500 LECTERN Storage space provided for books and manuscripts. Comes with 2 inside shelves. 28"w x 21"d, 46"h $1,700.00 ea. With Lamp add $210.00 No. 89-2277 LECTERN LAMP Extra quality, heavy gauge solid brass lamp for pulpit, lectern or any type podium. 5 watt bulb. Reflector. 10" wide, 8" tall, 6" projection. $130.00 ea. MP-202 PULPIT Extended shelf for lamp and microphone - two inside shelves. 36"w x 21"d, 45"h Wt. 150 Lbs. $3,095.00 ea.

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