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No. 78-2801 SELF LITE CHARCOAL 100 per box $24.36 box 17 CHARCOAL - INCENSE - SACRISTY SUPPLIES No. 78-2126 GLORIA F-8 BLEND Festive grain pea-size resins with light rose & lavender scent. Highly aromatic $34.95 lb. No. 78-2122 NATIVITY FRENCH BLEND Somalian natural frankincense with rose bouquet and spices. $26.95 lb. No. 78-2123 NATIVITY FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH BLEND Traditional gifts of Magi. $24.50 lb. No. 78-2113 ADORATION - ROMA Rich, robust aroma, hints of citrus orange and sandalwood. $37.50 lb. No. 78-2120 TRINITY ETHIOPIAN MYRRH Granular/powder myrrh gum, deep earthy scent. $33.95 lb. No. 78-2115 CCC- COMMON FRANKINCENSE Grain-size pure natural frankincense, traditional aroma. $20.80 lb. No. 78-2125 CCC JERUSALEM Frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood oil. $22.60 lb. No. 78-2118 NATIVITY FRANKINCENSE Pea-size granules of natural Somalian frankincense, fruity aroma. $24.50 lb. No. 78-2106 NATIVITY HOLY NIGHT BLEND Natural Somalian frankincense-blended with sweet floral scents & spices. $26.95 lb. No. 78-2131 ROMAN INCENSE Pleasantly aromatic blend of traditional spices and resin. $27.90 lb. No. 78-2133 EKKLISIA ROSE Eastern style lump with floral rose notes. Made in Greece. $39.15 lb. No. 78-2132 EKKLISIA MYRRH Eastern style lump with a traditional spice blend. Made in Greece. $39.15 lb. CHARCOAL PINCHER Black Steel (prevents burned fingers) No. 78-2301 $11.50 ea. No. 78-2803 Blister package of 6 briquettes $2.69 pkg. No. 78-2802 3 KINGS QUIK-LITE CHARCOAL 100 per box $22.50 box No. 78-2104 3 KINGS #3 MIXTURE Multicolor granular, pine/balsam aroma. $23.95 lb. No. 78-2103 3 KINGS PONTIFICAL MIXTURE Black/gold granular, sweet and spicy aroma. $28.15 lb. No. 78-2119 TRINITY POWDER BLEND Light blue powder of resins, clean & spicy. Non-choking. $28.95 lb. No. 78-2124 EMKAY JERUSALEM Sawdust consistency with chunks of myrrh & hyacinth scents. $20.80 lb. No. 78-2110 TRINITY FOREST BLEND Pea-size resins with hints of pine forest. Non-choking. $32.95 lb. No. 78-2108 TRINITY FLORAL BLEND Pea-size granular, hints of rose garden. Non-choking. $33.95 lb. No. 78-2130 TRINITY FRANKINCENSE Small grain resin, fresh lemony scent. $35.95 lb. No. 78-2116 NATIVITY JERUSALEM BLEND Somalian natural frankincense with mixed floral scents. $26.95 lb. No. 78-2102 TRAPPIST MELLERAY BLEND Red frankincense, rose petals, red cedar, & a sweet floral scent $25.95 lb. No. 78-2127 GLORIA - POWDER BLEND Powder resin, soft light spice, vanilla aroma. $24.95 lb. No. 78-2128 GLORIA - PR3 Natural balsamic resins, fresh rose/evergreen undertones. $29.95 lb. No. 78-2121 ADORATION MONASTERY BLEND Cinnamon/rose incense with a woodsy aroma and red color. $30.50 lb. A 1 oz. package of all incense below is now available. Add "-oz" after the item number (i.e. 78-2104-oz). Please call for pricing. 1-800-626-3545

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