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164 1-800-626-3545 TONINI BEFORE BEFORE Skilled craftsmen, who take pride in their workmanship, restore heirlooms and precious items as near as possible to their original condition. All articles are completely repaired prior to restoration. Before Gold or Silver plating, all items are hand-buffed down to the base metal. Craftsmen then meticulously hand polish each piece to remove as many scratches, pits and imperfections as possible. We take great care to achieve the very best finish, even going so far as only using 24KT Gold and .999+ Silver for the highest quality plating possible. Each piece we receive, whether for repair or refinishing, is reviewed by one of our expert analysts. After your approval, we meticulously repair damaged areas and replace any missing parts if possible. Recreating the original design, at times, requires special talent and ingenuity. Our expert team then intricately polishes each piece, which reveals its newly achieved beauty and renewed life. We take care to preserve any engraving or specialized finish. Our craftsmen then coat your piece according to your instructions. Upon completion, your cherished article shows its original magnificence and luster. Why should I have my metalware restored? Repairing your current metalware is often a better idea than buying new for a number of reasons including: @T\agT\a g[X fXag\`XagT_ iT_hX TaW [\fgbel bY lbhe T_gTejTeX EXcT\e \f T_`bfg T_jTlf Zb\aZ gb Vbfg _Xff AXiXe jbeel g[Tg T aXj \gX` `Tl abg `TgV[ g[X fgl_X bY lbhe V[heV[ be V[TcX_ What types of items can be restored? Almost ANY metal piece! Candlesticks Crosses Crucifixes Tabernacles Offering Plates Bells Censer/Boats Vases Flower Stands Advent Wreaths Chandeliers Lecterns Kneelers Offering Boxes Ambries Holy Water Pots Fce\a^_Xef 5Tcg\f`T_ 9bagf FgTg\baf bY g[X 6ebff@\ffT_ FgTaWf Votive Stands Hand Rails Prie Dieux Sanctuary Lamps What kind of damage can be repaired? While every situation is unique, our skilled craftsmen are trained to handle a wide range of problems. Tarnish Dents Scratches Water Damage Fire Damage Vandalism 5eb^Xa ?bV^ @\ff\aZ >Xlf WITH THE IMPROVED TECHNIQUES IN PLATING AND POLISHING THE OLD PIECE COULD BE MADE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN WHEN NEW. BEFORE AFTER AFTER AFTER REPAIR - REFINISH - MAKE NEW AGAIN SACRED VESSELS - SANCTUARY WARE RESTORATION RESTORATION

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