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LARGE ROYAL PALM FOR PALM SUNDAY - April 14, 2019 For Distribution to Laity Double Strips (100 per bag) No. 08-0002 Processed Palm (each head is divided into approx. 10 segments) No. 08-0003 One single Head No. 08-0001 Bundle of 25 Head No. 08-0001 Normally palm is delivered in burlap wrapped bundles of 25 head. Royal palm grows to 48 or more inches in length. Parish workers cut the stub off the bottom of each head, then divide the head into approximately 10 segments for distribution, giving each parishioner a respectable amount of palm. If help is not available, we will perform this service for you . . . this is called processed palm. We also have double strips which are packed 100 double strips per bag. To figure your requirements, each royal head will supply 10 parishioners. 250 people require 25 head-500 people require 50 head, etc. Please note the dates and order early! Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019 Easter, April 21, 2019 This design made from two bags of Date Palm (No. 08-0005). Two of this arrangement made with 1 bag of Fan Palm (No. 08-0004), 2 bags of Date Palm (No. 08-0005), and 1 bag of Mediterranean Fan Palm (No. 08-0013). Made from one bag of Date Palm (No. 08-0005) and one bag of Fan Palm (No. 08-0004). READY TO USE ASHES FOR ASH WEDNESDAY No. 08-0008 Annual Standing Orders Accepted Ashes are packaged in sizes to administer to 100-200-500-1000 people or more. Each year we reserve enough Palms to be incinerated into ash for use the following season. Complete day by day necrology for your own Diocese. Suggested Mass themes for use at the beginning of each celebration. General Intercession from Scripture Texts for Sundays and Holydays. Brief theme suggestions to encourage daily homilies. Begins with the First Sunday of Advent. Limited Press Run - Order Early Specify your Diocese No. 06-1003 Paulist Edition $18.95 ea. Delivered in October 2018 SAVE YOURSELF THE PROBLEM OF ORDERING EACH YEAR. GIVE US YOUR STANDING ORDER - ORDOS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE SHIPPED EACH YEAR UNTIL CANCELLED. ORDO FOR YEAR 2019 WE APPRECIATE YOUR ORDER! Palm Sunday - April 14, 2019 Palm Crosses for Lapels and Bookmarks PLEASE ORDER EARLY! (By January if possible) We strive to ensure that the suppliers we work with feel as responsible to nature and society as they do profits. This is especially true with our palm supplier, which donates a portion of their sales every year to environmental and humanitarion organizations as well as providing hundreds of jobs in economically-starved regions of the country. We pledge to obtain the finest palm obtainable each season. Acreage is contracted with our palm grower in mid-summer. We will accept your order up to delivery schedule before Palm Sunday, but we prefer to have you order six to nine months prior to Palm Sunday. The vast majority of our deliveries are made on standing orders. These orders are automatically shipped each year without the worry of your lapse of memory to reorder. Inquire when placing your order. YOUR SHIPMENT WILL ARRIVE ABOUT 8 TO 10 DAYS PRIOR TO PALM SUNDAY Important information about your Palm: REFRIGERATE YOUR PALMS ON ARRIVAL! Palm is like cut flowers; they are perishable. However, your order will remain fresh for sev- eral weeks if kept refrigerated in plastic bags. A florist, restaurant or convenience store may have a large refrigerated space you can use until Palm Sunday. DO NOT ALLOW PALM TO FREEZE! Brownish tips on the leaves are a natural characteristic since drying begins even before the leaf matures. For Decorating Altar and Gathering Space Date Palm Packed 4 per bag No. 08-0005 Mediterranean Fan Packed 8 per bag No. 08-0013 Packed 100 per bag No. 08-0006 2"X3" No. 08-0007 3"X5" Fan Leaf Packed 4 per bag No. 08-0004 ECO-FRIENDLY PALMS ENGLISH OR SPANISH See page 127 for Lenten Supplies

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